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Rack & Pinion Mechanism

Dumbwaiters or goods/service lifts using the Rack & Pinion system are considered to be the most reliable lifts in the world today. The highest quality components are used in our range of dumbwaiters and goods/service lifts and as a result lateral movement of the lift is virtually non-existent. This precise engineering combined with soft start/stop technology means that a full bowl of soup can be transported from one level to another without a drop being spilt.

Our dumbwaiters are registered with WorkSafe & comply with Australian Standards 1735-4 & 60204-1:2005

Dumbwaiter Control

With the touch of a button, Dumbwaiters Australia service lifts/dumbwaiters provides your family/business a safe and reliable way to easily move your items from floor to floor.  Using either stainless steel commercial style controls or domestic clipsal/HPM style controls.

Service Lift Features

  • 240 V AC single phase power
  • Minimal moving parts
  • Rack & Pinion drive mechanism
  • Roller Shutter internal door
  • Electronic door locks