Commercial Dumbwaiters

We manufacture and distribute quality dumbwaiters and service lifts suitable for commercial applications up to 4 levels. You will find a sample range of our dumbwaiters below.

DW3000-UB60C, Under Bench Dumbwaiter

The under bench dumbwaiter provides a compact solution for installations where space is limited, or this location is preferred over a more conventional position. Read More

DW4000-60C DW7000-60C

This range of 2 and 3 level dumbwaiters offer a complete package for a streamlined integration into your business. Highly capable, very reliable, built with quality materials, this dumbwaiter is perfect for a variety of businesses which do not require the 100+ kg payload carrying capacity. It is designed for a straight forward installation. Read More

DW4000-100C DW7000-100C DW9000-100C

This range of 2, 3 and 4 level dumbwaiters is a perfect choice for businesses wanting an additional load carrying capacity. It blends uncompromising quality, flawless function, extremely reliable operation and offers a host of options to ensure the perfect fit into your building. Read More