A dumbwaiter installed on the boat Fusion Cruises – NSW

This marine vessel required a service lift/dumbwaiter to be able move meals and drinks to upper deck from the galley located behind the bar.  A rack and pinion drive system was ideal for this boat as space was critical and this type of lift design maximises space better than any other unit on the market.

To use a rack and pinion drive system, which only requires 90 mm of space within the shaft, excludes the use of a motor pit and virtually no headroom is required above the lift car, as is the case with conventional hoists.  The dumbwaiter is able to lift 100 kg and uses a soft start and stop to avoid spillages.

Another advantage of the rack and pinion system is, when used in a marine vessel/ship the 4 gears hold the lift very securely even while in motion on the open water.

The dumbwaiter has become a vital tool for the staff. It quietly and reliably performs a variety of transportation tasks. It has eliminated the hazardous task of carrying heavy goods and meals upstairs to the upper deck.

Case Study Brochure