A typical 2 level, dual access dumbwaiter servicing garage to pantry

This luxury house on the Mornington Peninsula, Victoria required a 2 level dumbwaiter.  The client simply drives their car into a ground floor garage, opens their car boot and transfers their luggage, groceries and wine supplies into the dumbwaiter then sends them directly to the kitchen/pantry.

Our recommendation was to use an AV4000PLC 2 Level Dumbwaiter, with 180 degree openings so items could be loaded on the south side and be removed on the first level on the north side. Lifting capacity was rated at 100 kgs and the car was big enough to handle a suitcase. (800 mm W x 600mm D x 1000 mm H)

Not a lot space was available to fit a dumbwaiter that could handle the items required especially in the kitchen/pantry area. The rack and pinion design made it possible for the dumbwaiter to work with minimal space.

The dumbwaiter was required to fit in with the decor of the kitchen design.  You do not notice the dumbwaiter until you need to use it !!

Case Study Brochure